Floor Staining, Borders & Inlays

Staining is an excellent method of altering the colour of timber and cork flooring without losing the natural beauty and character of the floor. Stains enhance and strengthen the appearance of the grain, providing a luxurious and modern look.

There are two different types of wood stains – pigment stain (turpentine base) and fade-resistant stain (spirit base). The main methods of floor staining are tinting, direct staining and liming.

Classic Cork and Timber are experts in direct staining, with the ability to match colours from light to very dark timbers. When direct staining, the stain is applied directly onto the timber, ensuring a quality and long lasting finish. This means that if the surface of the floor is scratched, the colour remains as it has penetrated into the timber.

Tinting is a method of colouring timber, which involves mixing stain into the floor coating and applying it by roller. This gives the floor an overall shade but is not the most effective method of applying colour.

Direct staining is the most effective way to stain a floor, by actually penetrating the timber, not just the top finish. Direct staining requires a high level of experience and workmanship. When the stain has dried, a clear finish is applied over the top. The staining materials are chosen to be compatabile with the top coat.

Liming is a bleaching process carried out before a final finish is applied to the floor. Liming gives the timber a lighter and slightly milky appearance, while allowing the timber’s natural beauty and character show through.

Borders and inlays can be used to define a specific area or convert simple floor into the upscale, top-of-the-line floor. They are the artistic elements which add the completeness to the interior of the premises.

A beautiful inlay or a border can greatly enhance your timber floor and make it an outstanding feature of your floor.  If you are looking for something a little more interesting than the run-of-the-mill timber floor, then look no further. We will take great care in designing and manufacturing a piece of timber ‘artwork’ for your home.