Direct Stick Flooring

In the direct stick method, 12 mm tongue & groove solid timber floorboards are glued directly to clean, dry & level concrete. Flexible polyurethane adhesive is a proven fixing agent. This is the preferred & most cost-effective option in most situations. Floorboards are sanded & finished on site.

The floor height is 12 – 15 mm and this matches most tiles, carpets or other flooring heights. If sub-floor preparation is necessary, it can be arranged by Classic Cork and Timber.

This is by far the most popular method here in Western Australia for the fixing of your new timber floor. As the picture suggests, a moisture barrier is applied to the concrete slab, then the timber is glued and nailed to the concrete. The overlay timber used in this method can range from 12mm to 14mm in thickness, however 19mm can still be used.

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