Cork Installation

Cork Floor Tiles can be installed over any level, clean, sound and moderately porous surface.

Concrete Subfloors: Should be clean, level, dry, sound and free of contaminants like paint, wax, grease or oil. Floors that are level to within 3mm over a 3mt straightedge are fine, otherwise levelling will be required. Floors that are not clean can often be sanded or ground clean. Floors should be tested to ensure that they are dry. Cork floor tiles can be installed over any concrete subfloor with a moisture content less than 5.5 percent If concrete subfloors are wet, a recommended moisture barrier should be considered.

Timber Floors: Timber floors should also be flat, level, dry and clean. In almost all cases, whether installing cork tiles over floorboards, particleboard or plywood, the use of a 5.5mm flooring grade masonite or cement sheet underlay is recommended. Uneven floors can usually be sanded flat prior to the installation of the underlay. All timber floors should be under 12 per cent moisture content prior to installing underlay. Underlays should be installed in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions inside each pack and the joins should be sanded flat prior to the installation of cork tiles.

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